We support promotional projects for Japanese companies and organizations advancing into the global market.

Mega-think, based in Nagoya and Tokyo, plans and produces a full range of promotional events in Japan and overseas through its Asian and worldwide networks. We are able to plan and propose the most suitable project for each promotional need, projects extending to overseas countries, which involve different business and social circumstances. Our clients benefit from our abundant experience and achievements in planning, production, execution and reporting.

Planning and Producing Advertising and Sales Promotions

We offer services ranging from planning of sales promotions fitting for consumers’ life style in marketing communication activities in various fields, creating tools, execution, and management, all of which would contribute to the development of closer relationships between consumers and corporations. In addition to event planning, we plan and propose effective advertising targeting consumers and sales promotions utilizing many constantly advancing media.

Various Event Planning, Execution Production, and Management

We comprehensively produce full range of “gatherings” such as important meetings and parties regardless of contents of production and number of guests. Our service includes planning of themes and concepts, stage management, creating effectively produced spaces, and steady management.

  • Press conferences
  • Company seminars
  • Symposiums
  • New product release exhibitions
  • Previews
  • Citizens’events
  • Anniversary parties
  • Forums

Campaign Planning, Execution and Management

Our experienced staff effectively and directly approach target consumers on the street and at the store front to promote products or services through sampling and trial promotion.

  • Promotion for sales of new products or for Grand Openings
  • Sales campaign through on-the-street sampling and spot sales
  • Attracting consumers to campaigns and fairs for in-store spot sales or lotteries

Planning and Creating Various SP Tools

We select the most suitable data and information in the commercial and life environments and take advantage of our sensibility and experiences. Our focus is placed not only on production of goods but ties between “person and person,” as well as “person and product.” We comprehensively produce high quality SP tools that best suit promotional themes and needs.

  • Sales promotion and space production tools such as various printed material and storefront POP
  • Various novelty and premium goods
  • Production of various uniforms
  • Total visual planning and proposal

Website Planning, Creation and Management

  • Planning and creation for launching and operating websites
  • Proposal for utilization of website whether it is mobile or PC

Various facility interior, exterior and space design, art design for events and joinery

work, all other related operations